January 13, 2019 - Our Mission: To help people become Passionate Followers of Jesus (part 1)


How can we help others become passionate if we aren’t passionate?

In this two part mini-series Pastor Jon takes a look at the mission statement of YNAZ. “Our mission is to help people become passionate followers of Jesus Christ.”

As a church, we are to follow Jesus as our leader and do as He did. But this also means that we need to be willing to MOVE. During the sermon, Jon demonstrates this by walking around the sanctuary, showing what it looks like to follow and the ways we sometimes try and ‘lead’ Jesus instead of Him leading us.

We are encouraged not to miss the word “passionate” in this statement and to be fully engaged followers of Jesus in our church and our community.

Scripture: Matthew 22: 37-40, 28:18-20, Matthew 16:24


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Yreka Nazarene