March 24, 2019 - For God So Loved (Part 3)


As we journey in this season of Lent, we will take six weeks to focus our hearts toward the coming celebration of Easter.

On this third Sunday in Lent Pastor Jon takes us through repentance and the Fruit of the Spirit. He shares a story from Luke where Jesus pointed out times where disaster happened and the response of the people to it. They were more concerned about the reason behind the disaster—if the people had caused it by their sin—but Jesus was concerned with something different. He was focused on their hearts.

Repentance. That was His focus.

A question Jon asks us to contemplate is this: Where in our lives are we focused more on attempting to figure something out instead of focusing on our own hearts and addressing the sin that may be in our lives?

He then takes us to the Fruit of the Spirit and the reality that, when disaster hits, what is stored up in our hearts will be what comes out. What will come out of your heart?

Scripture: Luke 13:1-9, Luke 6:43-45, Galatians 5:16-26, Revelation 3:1-3

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Yreka Nazarene